Why Should You Consider Having a Bespoke eLearning Package Developed?

Bespoke elearning has significant advantages over the many off-the-shelf courses that are available:

  • Courses can include images, language, terms and other content that is specific to your organisation to help learners relate and connect better to the learning content.

  • The learning path can be customised to suit your target audience and stated learning objectives.

  • The assessment strategy deployed can be customised to suit your target audience and stated course objectives

  • Bespoke eLearning can be blended with other types of training delivery mechanism, and supplementary employee skills support, to maximise the return on employee time spent in training.

When you are considering eLearning as a training delivery mechanism it is important to consider the whole cost of the training.  Lost time from employees spending work time going through eLearning courses is a significant element of this costs. 

By choosing to have a of bespoke eLearning training course development you ensure that staff only receive the training that they need as irrelevant topics, which may be included in off-the-shelf materials, can be avoided.

Viridis' Approach to Bespoke eLearning Development

Viridis provide a bespoke e-learning development service where we combine the design talents of eLearning developers with the expert knowledge of instructional designers and experienced health and safety professionals. 

The resulting bespoke training solution will both meet your training need and give you the confidence that the health and safety content is compliant with current health and safety legislation.