Why Must Exposure to Gases be Controlled?

Gases in the workplace can be generated in many ways from deliberate release from cylinders for a particular process e.g. in welding to those generated within the process e.g. ozone, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide.

Risk to workers from exposure to gases must be assessed and exposure controlled to an acceptable level.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002 sets out what employers are required to do in terms of assessing and managing the risk to workers from gases.

How We Can Help

When you engage Viridis to conduct an assessment of worker exposure to gases within the workplace our study approach uses a of combination of detailed observation and a range of validated measurement methodologies to:

  • assess worker exposure compared to relevant regulatory and/or in-house exposure limits
  • determine the efficacy of existing control measures
  • assess the suitability of any respiratory protective equipment used
  • assess the level of regulatory compliance.

Our study findings report will also provide recommendations to improve control and reduce risk to workers.