Why Are Organisations Required to Assess and Manage the Risk from Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Use?

Our growing reliance on computers in modern life has seen a huge increase in the numbers of workers who use a computer workstation for a significant part of their working day and are consequently classed as 'DSE users'. 

Many DSE users suffer ill-health associated with their computer workstation use with chronic back, neck, shoulder, arm, and wrist problems being conditions experienced by many DSE users with eye fatigue and workplace stress also being conditions commonly associated with DSE use.

The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations set out what employers are required to do to manage the risks posed to employees by DSE use.

These requirements include:

  • Carrying out suitable DSE risk assessments to assess the risks posed to each DSE user.
  • Provision of information regarding the risks associated with DSE use and how users can reduce these risks.
  • Carry out remedial actions to reduce the risks identified (e.g. postural problems, visual problems, issues of fatigue and stress).
  • Requirement that eye and eyesight tests are provided to DSE users upon request.
  • Provision of adequate training to DSE users to help raise awareness of the risks associated with DSE use and what users can do to reduce these risks.

In many cases the remedial actions identified by a DSE assessment are relatively straightforward but many organisations fail to comply with the DSE regulations due to a lack of in-house DSE knowledge or DSE risk assessment capability.

How We Can Help

Viridis provides a wide range of DSE compliance solutions including:

  • Policy and procedure development and implementation
  • DSE risk assessment
  • DSE user awareness training sessions
  • DSE assessor training to give your organisation its own DSE assessment capability
  • DSE eLearning tools